A Woodturner Reunion

Have you ever experienced a combination Vacation – Family Reunion – Business Trip – Awards Ceremony, and Woodturning Festival? A few weeks ago Luelle and I spent a week in San Diego doing exactly that. My brother and brother-in-law have been infected by the Woodturning Virus and both have lathes. So, when Luelle’s annual travel agent convention was announced in San Diego, only a few miles from my brother’s home, we started planning the “Spouse’s Activities” while Luelle was in meetings all day.
My brother had just completed his woodshop and purchased his first two lathes. Bro-in-law brought my “California Lathe” so all three could turn at the same time. We had some recent walnut trees that had been pulled out due to the California drought, as well as eucalyptus and manzanita to spice things up. Each day we enjoyed the fellowship and turning together, and at night I drove back to the travel convention to be Luelle’s “arm candy.” She received top awards, more free cruises, and her name tag said Presidents Club. It was fun being in the background and letting her shine. Now we have to decide on a river cruise take; tough duty, I know.
One thing that was inspiring was my brother’s shop. It is located in a Eucalyptus Grove on a hillside, partially dug in, partially cantilevered with a nice wood storage and drying area underneath. The interesting thing is that he built the whole thing out of recycled and salvaged materials, most of which came with a story. But the best part was the fellowship and turning together with the family with which I had shared the woodturning virus. We do a family reunion every year, and have figured out how to include turning in our last four reunions.
Can you see a family reunion like this in your family? If so, please share the stories. I am not the only crazy one… am I?